Derive Macro bytecheck::CheckBytes

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    // Attributes available to this derive:
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Derives CheckBytes for the labeled type.

Additional arguments can be specified using the #[check_bytes(...)] attribute:

  • bound = "...": Adds additional bounds to the CheckBytes implementation. This can be especially useful when dealing with recursive structures, where bounds may need to be omitted to prevent recursive type definitions.

This derive macro automatically adds a type bound field: CheckBytes<__C> for each field type. This can cause an overflow while evaluating trait bounds if the structure eventually references its own type, as the implementation of CheckBytes for a struct depends on each field type implementing it as well. Adding the attribute #[omit_bounds] to a field will suppress this trait bound and allow recursive structures. This may be too coarse for some types, in which case additional type bounds may be required with bound = "...".