Module petgraph::stable_graph

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StableGraph keeps indices stable across removals.

Depends on feature = "stable_graph".



  • Iterator over the edge indices of a graph.
  • Reference to a StableGraph edge.
  • Iterator over all edges of a graph.
  • Iterator over the edges of from or to a node
  • Iterator over the multiple directed edges connecting a source node to a target node
  • An iterator over either the nodes without edges to them or from them.
  • Iterator over the neighbors of a node.
  • Iterator over the node indices of a graph.
  • Iterator over all nodes of a graph.
  • StableGraph<N, E, Ty, Ix> is a graph datastructure using an adjacency list representation.
  • A “walker” object that can be used to step through the edge list of a node.

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