Function seahash::hash

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pub fn hash(buf: &[u8]) -> u64
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Hash some buffer.

This is a highly optimized implementation of SeaHash. It implements numerous techniques to improve performance:

  • Register allocation: This makes a great deal out of making sure everything fits into registers such that minimal memory accesses are needed. This works quite successfully on most CPUs, and the only time it reads from memory is when it fetches the data of the buffer.
  • Bulk reads: Like most other good hash functions, we read 8 bytes a time. This obviously improves performance a lot
  • Independent updates: We make sure very few statements next to each other depends on the other. This means that almost always the CPU will be able to run the instructions in parallel.
  • Loop unrolling: The hot loop is unrolled such that very little branches (one every 32 bytes) are needed.

and more.

The seed of this hash function is prechosen.