Function seahash::hash_seeded

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pub fn hash_seeded(buf: &[u8], a: u64, b: u64, c: u64, d: u64) -> u64
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Hash some buffer according to a chosen seed.

The keys are expected to be chosen from a uniform distribution. The keys should be mutually distinct to avoid issues with collisions if the lanes are permuted.

This is not secure, as the key can be extracted with a bit of computational work, as such, it is recommended to have a fallback hash function (adaptive hashing) in the case of hash flooding. It can be considered unbroken if the output is not known (i.e. no malicious party has access to the raw values of the keys, only a permutation thereof).), however I absolutely do not recommend using it for this. If you want to be strict, this should only be used as a layer of obfuscation, such that the fallback (e.g. SipHash) is harder to trigger.

In the future, I might strengthen the security if possible while having backward compatibility with the default initialization vector.