pub struct TerserCompressorOptions {
Show 56 fields pub arguments: bool, pub arrows: Option<bool>, pub booleans: Option<bool>, pub booleans_as_integers: bool, pub collapse_vars: Option<bool>, pub comparisons: Option<bool>, pub computed_props: Option<bool>, pub conditionals: Option<bool>, pub dead_code: Option<bool>, pub defaults: bool, pub directives: Option<bool>, pub drop_console: bool, pub drop_debugger: Option<bool>, pub ecma: TerserEcmaVersion, pub evaluate: Option<bool>, pub expression: bool, pub global_defs: AHashMap<JsWord, Value>, pub hoist_funs: bool, pub hoist_props: Option<bool>, pub hoist_vars: bool, pub ie8: bool, pub if_return: Option<bool>, pub inline: Option<TerserInlineOption>, pub join_vars: Option<bool>, pub keep_classnames: bool, pub keep_fargs: bool, pub keep_fnames: bool, pub keep_infinity: bool, pub loops: Option<bool>, pub negate_iife: Option<bool>, pub passes: usize, pub properties: Option<bool>, pub pure_getters: TerserPureGetterOption, pub pure_funcs: Vec<String>, pub reduce_funcs: Option<bool>, pub reduce_vars: Option<bool>, pub sequences: Option<TerserSequenceOptions>, pub side_effects: Option<bool>, pub switches: Option<bool>, pub top_retain: Option<TerserTopRetainOption>, pub toplevel: Option<TerserTopLevelOptions>, pub typeofs: Option<bool>, pub unsafe_passes: bool, pub unsafe_arrows: bool, pub unsafe_comps: bool, pub unsafe_function: bool, pub unsafe_math: bool, pub unsafe_symbols: bool, pub unsafe_methods: bool, pub unsafe_proto: bool, pub unsafe_regexp: bool, pub unsafe_undefined: bool, pub unused: Option<bool>, pub module: bool, pub const_to_let: Option<bool>, pub pristine_globals: Option<bool>,


arguments: boolarrows: Option<bool>booleans: Option<bool>booleans_as_integers: boolcollapse_vars: Option<bool>comparisons: Option<bool>computed_props: Option<bool>conditionals: Option<bool>dead_code: Option<bool>defaults: booldirectives: Option<bool>drop_console: booldrop_debugger: Option<bool>ecma: TerserEcmaVersionevaluate: Option<bool>expression: boolglobal_defs: AHashMap<JsWord, Value>hoist_funs: boolhoist_props: Option<bool>hoist_vars: boolie8: boolif_return: Option<bool>inline: Option<TerserInlineOption>join_vars: Option<bool>keep_classnames: boolkeep_fargs: boolkeep_fnames: boolkeep_infinity: boolloops: Option<bool>negate_iife: Option<bool>passes: usizeproperties: Option<bool>pure_getters: TerserPureGetterOptionpure_funcs: Vec<String>reduce_funcs: Option<bool>reduce_vars: Option<bool>sequences: Option<TerserSequenceOptions>side_effects: Option<bool>switches: Option<bool>top_retain: Option<TerserTopRetainOption>toplevel: Option<TerserTopLevelOptions>typeofs: Option<bool>unsafe_passes: boolunsafe_arrows: boolunsafe_comps: boolunsafe_function: boolunsafe_math: boolunsafe_symbols: boolunsafe_methods: boolunsafe_proto: boolunsafe_regexp: boolunsafe_undefined: boolunused: Option<bool>module: boolconst_to_let: Option<bool>pristine_globals: Option<bool>


Trait Implementations

Returns a copy of the value. Read more
Performs copy-assignment from source. Read more
Formats the value using the given formatter. Read more
Returns the “default value” for a type. Read more
Deserialize this value from the given Serde deserializer. Read more
Serialize this value into the given Serde serializer. Read more

Auto Trait Implementations

Blanket Implementations

Gets the TypeId of self. Read more
The archived version of the pointer metadata for this type.
Converts some archived metadata to the pointer metadata for itself.
Immutably borrows from an owned value. Read more
Mutably borrows from an owned value. Read more
Deserializes using the given deserializer

Returns the argument unchanged.

Instruments this type with the provided Span, returning an Instrumented wrapper. Read more
Instruments this type with the current Span, returning an Instrumented wrapper. Read more

Calls U::from(self).

That is, this conversion is whatever the implementation of From<T> for U chooses to do.

The alignment of pointer.
The type for initializers.
Initializes a with the given initializer. Read more
Dereferences the given pointer. Read more
Mutably dereferences the given pointer. Read more
Drops the object pointed to by the given pointer. Read more
The type for metadata in pointers and references to Self.
The resulting type after obtaining ownership.
Creates owned data from borrowed data, usually by cloning. Read more
Uses borrowed data to replace owned data, usually by cloning. Read more
The type returned in the event of a conversion error.
Performs the conversion.
The type returned in the event of a conversion error.
Performs the conversion.
Attaches the provided Subscriber to this type, returning a WithDispatch wrapper. Read more
Attaches the current default Subscriber to this type, returning a WithDispatch wrapper. Read more