pub use self::value::Type::Bool as BoolType;
pub use self::value::Type::Null as NullType;
pub use self::value::Type::Num as NumberType;
pub use self::value::Type::Obj as ObjectType;
pub use self::value::Type::Str as StringType;
pub use self::value::Type::Symbol as SymbolType;
pub use self::value::Type::Undefined as UndefinedType;
pub use self::value::Value::Known;
pub use self::value::Value::Unknown;
pub use self::Purity::MayBeImpure;
pub use self::Purity::Pure;


Module for parallel processing


Creates a member expression.
Shortcut for quote_ident!(span.apply_mark(Mark::fresh(Mark::root())), s)



Type of value.
Runtime value.



Used to determine super_class_ident
Returns (ident, aliased)
Collects binding identifiers.
Collects binding identifiers, but only if it has a context which is identical to ctxt.
This does not recurse into a function if this is changed by it.
Extracts hoisted variables
Finds all binding idents of node.
Check if e is ...arguments
inject branch after directives
inject stmts after directives
Similar to prop_name_to_expr, but used for value position.
Replace all from in expr with to.
Cast to javascript’s int32
Creates void 0.

Type Definitions